The unbridled webcomic little life lines by Nick Birch features a slew of charming, quirky and disturbing characters in a random series of sarcasm, depravity, horror and delight.

little life lines Creator Nick Birch Profile Picture

Creator Nick Birch

Hello! I'm Nick Birch and I write words and draw pictures and stuff.
I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

I'm an Australian cartoonist and author who began a long and exciting career in the film and television industry, mainly as an editor; telling stories with intricate timelines of carefully crafted clips of sound and vision; and creating and working on local and international programs, commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Unfortunately, illness cut my career short. So in-between hospital visits, I'm a proud dad and house husband and have gravitated back towards drawing. As a kid, I loved cartooning and even made my own comic books for my friends to read. So I've picked up the pen again and now I draw comics and make fun of life with my own little stories as a twisted form of catharsis.

So I guess I'm still telling stories. They're just little moments now.
Moments are really all we have to share as our little timelines blink in and out of existence.
Sometimes our lines cross. Sometimes they tangle. Sometimes they get cut short.
But we etch our little scratches and leave our tiny marks on life. In turn, our lives are carved right back onto us, one little line at a time.

So I draw these little lines with love and ink, dreaming that they might make some lines run up your cheeks and crinkle your eyes.
These moments may be all I have to give you. I hope you can give them a moment to get to you.
And maybe even share them with the little life lines that run along by your side.